Automatic Train Control for G-scale, HOn3, HO



Full size StationStopper


The YardMaster is a multi-use module, and the most versatile widget in your toolbox.

It contains the following on-board components:

  • A latching relay (with possible upgrades to add 3 relays for some massive current).
  • Driver circuitry to directly throw turnouts (track switches) and power signal lamps.
  • A programmable time delay to perform auto switching.
  • Sensor inputs for forced switching and alternating.
  • Micro-computer control for reliability and flexibility.


It is the brains for all of these operations:

The YardMaster can run out of the box as-is, or be programmed to provide a time delay feature. The hookup examples show many fun and realistic possibilities.

The YardMaster will work for all trains scales: G, O, On30, HO, N. Even battery powered trains can use the "SmartSwitch" hookup as described on the Track Hookups page.

The YardMaster is perfect for Christmas displays and adds to the excitement when the train starts "all by itself" using the Station Stop hookup. Commercial displays will benefit by reducing the wear on engines thereby increasing their life. Theoretically, if it takes a minute to go around the layout, and there is a minute stop at the station, then the life of the engine has been doubled! (The frequency of track cleaning is reduced also!!!)


The YardMaster Station Stop is perfect for Dept 56 Christmas displays!

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